Teacher’s Guide


LEVEL: beginners, lower intermediate

TOPIC: Simple Present Tense


1.To allow students to practice speaking spontaneously and fluently about something that may provoke the use of words and phrases they have been learning recently

2. To develop students ‘ ability to use language in real life situations

3. To develop students ‘ speaking and reading skills

4.To revise and reinforce grammar concerning the Present Tense


By the end of the lesson, students are able to:

  • Use correctly the new grammar problem
  • Use the new words and phrases in self-created contexts

TIME: 100 minutes

SKILLS INVOLVED: Speaking, Reading, Listening, Grammar




Activity 1

  • Teacher lead the students to sing a song- “I get up at seven every day”
  • Teacher asks the students about their daily programmes and asks the students to make 3 sentences about their daily routines and tell their classmates.
  • Teacher starts to introduce “The Simple Present Tense” to the students

Time: 10 minutes

Activity 2

Lesson 1:

  • Teacher gives a preview and introduction on the Simple Present Tense.
  • Teacher introduce the students on:
  1. How to use the present tense
  2. The spelling rules of simple present tense

Time: 10 minutes

Activity 3

Lesson 2

  • Teacher introduces the uses of Simple Present Tense to the students by showing pictures to improve students’ understandings.
  • Students are required to make 3 sentences based on the uses of Simple Present Tense and share their sentences with the class.

Time: 10 minutes

Activity 4

Lesson 3

  • Teacher introduces the Time Expressions and Adverbs of Frequency in Simple Present Tense to the students to ensure students are able to apply the knowledge of Simple Present Tense in the correct settings by showing related pictures and sample sentences.

Time: 10 minutes

Activity 5

Lesson 4

  • Teacher teaches the students to construct the Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative forms of sentences in Simple Present Tense by showing relevant examples.

Time: 10 minutes

Activity 6


  • Teacher leads the students to do a quick review on the previous lessons to ensure all of the students are able to master the topic.

Time: 10 minutes

Activity 7


  • Teacher instructs students to complete the exercises that included
  1. 1 passage, 5 multiple-choice questions, 5 True-False questions
  2. 10 omitted items in cloze test (fill-in-the-blanks)
  3. 5 sentence construction questions
  4. 5 items for matching questions (drag-n-drop)
  5. 10 items for crossword puzzle

Time: 40 minutes


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